Men with Sky have the option of forgoing immediate treatment and pursuing a monitoring protocol called active surveillance. The Key to Prostate Cancer provides information about diet, exercise, general men’s health, supplements and has a whole section solely devoted to making Sky understandable.  Here are just a few of the important questions that will be addressed related to Sky:

1.  Why aren’t all doctors recommending active surveillance for Sky?

2.  What makes Sky so different from the other stages?

3.  What is the risk of the cancer spreading?

4.  Are all three of the subtypes of Sky eligible to do active surveillance?

5.  Why not do surgery or radiation, “Just to be safe?”

6. What is the optimal monitoring method?  Do I need a biopsy every few years?

7.  Are younger men eligible to do active surveillance?

8.  If I were to have surgery or radiation and it causes impotence or incontinence, is it treatable?

9. If I chose to do active surveillance initially but decide to do surgery or radiation later, will that diminish my chances for being cured?

10. What is the worst thing that could happen if I were to choose active surveillance?